Warning Cards

Red colour card to be issued to the student defaulter for the following:

  • Repeated careless and irregular work.
  • Irregular attendance.
  • Coming to school out of uniform inspite of warnings.
  • Coming late to school repeatedly.
  • Disrupting classroom teaching.
  • Loitering out of the class room without purpose.
  • Missing classes, Assembly S.U.P.W, Library, P.T. periods.
  • Not bringing the School Diary/ Hymn Book.
  • Using Abusive language.

Misdemenour Card:

Yellow colour card to be issued to the student defaulter concerned in the presence of the Co-ordinators and the Parents (will be given in the school assembly for senior students) for the following:

  • Being disobedient and aggressive.
  • Rude or insolent behaviour with a teacher.
  • Misbehaviour in the bus.
  • Bullying fellow students and juniors and causing physical injury.
  • Using unfair means during any examination.
  • Damaging school property (a fine will also be imposed).
  • Not following the prescribed code of conduct.